Phone Free Fifty

I’m trying an experiment. Phone-Free-Fifty. I’m a bit addicted to my phone and notice that I reach for it a LOT when I’m trying to do deep work (the work that’s hard and requires focus and concentration). Setting Phone-Free-Fifty up is easy. I just set my timer for 50 minutes and hide my phone in

The Pencil

(Before this post, it’s best to read the 100 Day Goal How to GuideĀ ) Here’s an idea which I think will help you work out what your Microactions are. Remember, Microactions are the small (very small) tasks you do which lead you to your goal. Sometimes it feels a bit debatable whether something is a

The Messy Middle

The first twenty days of the 100 Day Goal are exciting and adventurous. The last twenty days are easy because we’re on the home straight. But the middle sixty? The bunch of days we’re starting today? They can feel HARD! Hard because the excitement of starting something new has gone, hard because there are still