How to find the IDEAL 100 Day Goal for you – CLASS

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Some people know exactly what BIG thing their 100 Day Goal should be, but the rest of us, ah, it’s tricky. What theme should I pick for my goal? How will I measure it? How big should my goal be? Can I do multiple goals at the same time? In this class Julia Bickerstaff will answer these and other questions, while she walks you step by step through a clever technique to find the ideal 100 Day Goal for you.

In the class Julia covers:
1. Why it’s so important to have an achievable yet challenging goal
2. The science of achievement and the impact that success has on your brain
3. How we are all different and why a goal that suits me probably won’t suit you
3. The three step method to find the IDEAL 100 Day Goal for you
4. Finding the best THEME for your goal, and choosing between competing themes
5. Working out a way to MEASURE your goal, as both a ‘finish line’ but also how to measure your progress
6. How to work out how BIG (or small) to make your goal, by understanding your own personality
7. Why your brain puts a ceiling on your goal and how to get round this
8. How to check you’ve got the right goal for you
9. Two powerful ways to bring your goal to life.

The class runs for about 80 minutes, it’s super-practical, and at the end of it you WILL come out with a 100 Day Goal that’s perfect for you.