My 100 day goal experience by Sarah Cammish

I set up my business two and a half years ago selling a mix of wedding accessories and handmade gifts and

it was only last year that I stumbled upon the Business Bakery and the 100 day goal through a Facebook ad.

I felt like I needed some direction in my business and this seemed like a good way to get some focus. I

started off with a bit of a vague goal, to reach a certain amount of orders/revenue within the 100 days. I

was really impressed by the resources provided by Julia – for a free challenge, the value you get is

incredible and as women in business, we all know how important high value content is!

I set my goal as I liked the idea of a number value to work to. I wrote down all my microactions (I’ll be

honest, I couldn’t even think of 50 before I started!) and picked one from the list each day. As I wasn’t very

busy at the time, I was often able to tick off two or three a day and I reached my goal within about a

month. I set myself another goal and, as I got busier, I’m sorry to say that I fell off the bandwagon a bit

with keeping up with my microactions – I would highly recommend that anyone doing the goal gets one of

those amazing Goal Trackers to colour in each day as I think that would have motivated me

a bit more! I reached the goal though and I now know that you need something that is an achievable

challenge; something just out of reach but not impossible to get to.

I am now on my third round of the 100 day goal. Why do I continue to do it? Because it keeps me focused

and makes sure that I don’t put off the jobs that I have to do but like the least. It’s forced me to think about

my business in a way that I hadn’t been – as a creative I’m all about making pretty things but taking on this

challenge has developed my “business brain” and I embrace the 100 day goal as a way of getting tasks

done. As a result of the challenge, I’ve completely revamped my website, streamlined the products that I

offer and created a brand that I finally feel is me. I wouldn’t have questioned what I was doing if I hadn’t

taken up this challenge and I am so grateful to Julia for all the support throughout the 100 day goal and

beyond. I would highly recommend it to anyone needing a focus in any aspect in life, be it business,

confidence or health related, you’d be surprised how much you can achieve in 100 days! 

- Sarah Cammish