Margaret’s 100 Day Goal STORIES!

I’ve been a 100 Day Goaler for a while now. The first time, I found a new office, decorated it and moved our accounts to a new online system. The second time, I lost weight and Kondo-ed my house. The most recent one, I finally entered a novel pitching competition which I won and which

- Margaret

I’m fired up to go again with the 100 days- don’t think I’ll ever stop as this keeps me focussed. Each time I get much further and my mind is learning more

- Susan

Rachel’s chocolate story

The 100 Day Goal really works! At the end of 2012 I started a handmade chocolate company as basically a hobby to work round my hubbys garden business which I trained to do the design work. So a hobby for winter evenings. My best laid plans all went a bit pear shaped – I now

- Rachel

My 100 Day Goal had two parts and one part I exceeded even my secret awesomeness!!!! I certainly learnt how important it is to do something in my business every day. It really made a difference. I was very surprised at how effective it was to do tiny things.  I’ve never given myself permission to

- Denuse

I didn’t quite make my goal but I was damn close! Good things are happening in my business. I feel as though I learnt a lot, and I use the microactions strategy all the time in every aspect of my life. I’ve even achieved some tasks I’d placed in the ‘too hard’ box! Having the

- Christine

The 100DG is what has kept me in business. Unexpected life events happen. We have no control over these things. They are going to happen and they are going to cause us to focus our energies elsewhere. We can not be everywhere and do everything at once. However, the 100 Day Goal has kept me

- Kimberley

My 100 Day Goal story, by Amanda

My original 100 day goal was to increase my Christmas sales. What I’ve managed to achieve is far beyond what I could have dreamed about. I quit my day job (after a long suffering time), opened a bricks and mortar shop and am now hurtling towards Christmas with more sales than I’ve ever achieved and

- Amanda

This was my third round of 100 Day Goal. I have found your methods to be very beneficial.  I am a Yoga teacher and my goal was to fill my classes. I’m there!

- Rosie

I planned on sitting out this round of the 100 Day Goal but I missed it too much! So now I’m just starting a little late!

- Jo

I have just had my surgery to remove the lump. I’ll get the pathology in a couple of weeks. Just wanted to let you know the 100 Day Goal has been a great way to get through the process and it has transformed my experience in an unexpected way.

- Michele

The 100 day goal is seriously good for my mental and physical health

- Alison

I’ve had such a productive 100 Days! At the beginning of the 100 Days, I pitched my idea for a novel to a panel of agents and publishers. My idea was picked as one of the winners and I now have 3 agents/publishers who have asked me to submit it when it’s completed. I spent

- Margaret

Veronica’s 100 Day Goal Story (bring a hankie)

I did it! But not at all in the way I had anticipated. My goal was to learn a volume of piano music. I was so keen in the beginning. I typed every song in a spreadsheet and for about 7 days I practiced and diligently ticked off the days and piano pieces on my

- Veronica

For personal and health reasons the last few months have been ‘a challenge’, one l could have done without. However l now feel like I’m coming out of an Ice Age and starting to breathe again, thanks to the 100 Day Goal. And Julia, you should be very proud of the group you have created,

- Catherine

Lauren’s 100 Day Goal Story

I started the 100 day goal with a growing baking website ( and the dream of writing for other baking sites and launching my own online marketing course for cake businesses. Now, I’m one month away from launching my course, have more than tripled my email list, and got my first national cake website writing

- Lauren

Only gone and smashed our goals!!! Not just doubled but trebled our business in 100 days!

- Kerrie Padmore

I used the 100 Day Goal to  give up my job as a teacher to become a full time artist. It has transformed my life.

- Ruth Slater

My 100 Day Goal story by Jackie Van Baren

Well, I did it!!  I completed my website in 100 days. I am so relieved it is finally ready to be published! Just over 100 days ago, I signed up to the 100 Day Goal.  My goal was to build, complete and launch a new website for JVB Connect within 100 days whilst I was

- Jackie Van Baren