My 100 Day Goal story by Sarah Morgan

Life was tidily comfortable. I was working as a personal stylist with a steady stream of clients, living in a lovely old house in Norfolk. My husband Luke had a secure job; there was nothing on the horizon to ruffle our feathers.

With no warning, he and 20 colleagues were made redundant. Because of a legal wrangle, there was no redundancy pay. Jobs in his field were thin on the ground. We had to think fast…

Then Luke spotted a job in the Caribbean. It was that or stay in England and hope something came up. ‘What the hell?’ we thought. Let’s do it.

So I found myself on a tropical island, knowing no-one and not allowed to work. Sounds idyllic, I know, but I’m a ‘do-er’, and lying in a hammock sipping Dark & Stormies wasn’t an option.

So rather than feeling isolated, I decided to speak to a bigger audience. I’m a natural story-teller so decided to start a blog aimed at 50-plus women like me who are up for some serious life reinvention. And it was my way of staying connected from a tiny island in the Caribbean sea.

At the same time a friend said she’s joined the 100 Day Goal. It was free, so I joined too. Having no real idea how to start a blog, I found the whole idea of breaking the task down into micro-actions hugely helpful. Suddenly nothing seemed hard. ‘Just one tiny step each day’ I told myself.

Well it worked a bit too well, and I launched my blog within a month of starting the 100 Day goal!

What I hadn’t bargained for was the wonderfully supportive, generous, helpful women in the 100 Day Goal group. For them, no question is too stupid, no idea too bonkers, no meltdown too scary to deal with. I’ve made some great personal connections too, one in Australia and another a few miles from home.

I can’t imagine any life goal, be it business or personal, that wouldn’t benefit from the 100 Day Goal. We’re back in the UK now and what we learned from our Caribbean adventure was that we love living with less, and our lovely old house is too darned big. So we’re seriously downsizing. Time for a new life, new adventures… and the next 100 day goal. 

- Sarah Morgan