Today I didn’t feel like showing up for my 100 Day Goal. We had to put my beloved pet to sleep a couple of days ago and I’ve also been stressed about the health of a loved one.

BUT, I forced myself to do two micro actions. One of them went horribly wrong. The other one was okay, but not great. Both took far longer than they should have.

As I was slogging through those actions today I had a bit of an ah ha moment. I realized that the rather pathetic attempts I made today are the ones that will stand out as the ones of which I am most proud when I look back over these hundred days. It sunk in that success isn’t built on things running along smoothly and easily. It’s built on showing up and making an honest attempt on those days when you just want to run and hide. And that’s the difference the 100 Day Goal makes – it helps you to show up when you don’t want to

- Vicki