Rachel’s chocolate story

The 100 Day Goal really works! At the end of 2012 I started a handmade chocolate company as basically a hobby to work round my hubbys garden business which I trained to do the design work. So a hobby for winter evenings.

My best laid plans all went a bit pear shaped – I now have a team of 9 – soon to be 11 and we have a workshop and retail unit and I’m close to earning enough to live on from my business and paying back the investment slowly both things I never thought possible. And much of that success is down to the 100 day goal.

My first couple of goals were simply to break even rather than keep making a loss with the business and the last four or so have been to grow an element of it. This Easter we helped fund a kitchen in Sri Lanka to enable a children’s project to store, prepare and cook food safely and increase school attendance by reducing sick days. This makes me so happy.

This week I was emailed by the buyer of a major supermarket asking whether we might be in a position to talk about supplying them and we also won a Great Taste Award! Unexpectedly exciting!

- Rachel