The reason BEHIND the reason for using the 100 Day Goal technique

As we near the end of the current 100 Day Goal I’ve been thinking about the next one starting on 1 May, and pondering (in a good way!) about the reason behind the reason over 150,000 of us have undertaken the 100 Day Goal.

Eh? Reason behind the reason?


The reason we do our 100 Day Goal is to achieve the goal. Kinda obvious. But what’s the reason behind that reason? Why does it help to use the 100 Day Goal technique?

When I think about myself, there’s lots of stuff I’ve achieved without using the 100 Day Goal process…. but there’s also masses* of stuff that I’d never have got done without the 100 Day Goal. (*I’ve been 100 Day Goal-ing a long time, it’s masses!)

So why do we need the 100 Day Goal technique? What’s the reason-behind-the-reason?

I’ve made a list of the five most common reasons-behind-the-reasons below. Maybe you are using the 100 Day Goal technique for a few of these, or maybe for just one of them, or maybe you’re doing it because of something I’ve not thought of yet (totally possible!).


1 To get something done that’s necessary but unpleasant

This is when we use the 100 Day Goal technique to make it easier to do something we know we need to do but just don’t want to do. A good example is all you gorgeous handmade business owners who’d rather be creating than selling, but have used the 100 Day Goal technique to get the selling done in a gentle and little-by-little way.

My goal is to make a good regular income from my art. I have felt a complete shift in mindset! Since starting the 100 Day Goal I have focussed on my goal everyday, and it is working!! Already have sales of £(confidential), which is beyond amazing! It has highlighted my lack of a big plan, and rather than the focus being making the art, the focus is now new opportunities, connections and ways to get new customers and engage previous customers. I think this might just change my whole business!!
– Rhian

‘I have just had my surgery to remove the lump. I’ll get the pathology in a couple of weeks. Just wanted to let you know the 100 Day Goal has been a great way to get through the process and it has transformed my experience in an unexpected way.’


2 To get something done that’s pleasant but not necessary

This is when we choose to use the 100 Day Goal technique because, although want to do our project, it’s not a priority. It keeps falling off the ‘list’. Some examples of 100 Day Goals that people have picked that I think fall into this bucket are: learning a language, learning a fun skill (cake decorating for non-cakeys etc),undertaking a renovation project, and, for some, forging a completely different life

I used the 100 Day Goal to give up my job as a teacher to become a full time artist. It has transformed my life.
– Ruth Slater

Thank you Julia for the 100 day goal opportunity and the inspiration you have brought into my life!!!The combination of everything I’m doing has pushed me to do things I would not normally do!Yesterday I achieved a dream I’d had for ages and had no clue I could actually achieve it!
– Mandi

3 To get something done that we don’t have the time to do

This is when we choose to use the 100 Day Goal technique because we’re too squished to fit a new project in. Using the 100 Day Goal daily Microactions we can get get our big thing done using little pockets of time.

The 100 Day Goal has made me so much more productive in all aspects of my life!. What used to seem at times overwhelming I now find myself getting on with. I’m less stressed and balancing my private life with a busy seven day a week business
– Melissa

In the past I would have sat down after my day job and put off doing anything on the course I’m writing because I “deserved” some time off. But thanks to the 100 Day Goal I now do some writing on my course every single day, including the weekends, and I’m getting there!
– Karen

4 To get a sense of control when we’re walking the paths of others

This is when we pick a 100 Day Goal to pursue when our lives are otherwise overwhelmingly dictated by the needs of others (the demanding boss at work, the challenging child, the sick parent, the troubled friend). It’s the one thing we control, it’s something for ourselves, it’s a little piece of every day that’s for us.

More than once I’ve thought of chucking my whole business because of family issues -I’m in the sandwich between a teenager with mental health issues and a mother with dementia – but the 100 Day Goal has helped me keep my business going by showing me the the power of doing something (small) each day.
– Ann

5 To find a sense of purpose when we’re feeling bleurgh

This is a reason for doing the 100 Day Goal that I think we rarely start with, but slowly come to realise as the 100 days tick by. Lots of you have shared stories with me about how you started the 100 Day Goal feeling very low, but then found the 100 Day Goal process gave you purpose, focus and direction which helped you get your life back in order. And I know some of you credit it with helping you control your depression.

I’m not saying the 100 Day Goal is a magic fix. It’s not. But it seems to help.

“The 100 Day Goal has changed my life so much, it’s give me a drive and purpose I didn’t realise I had” Rochelle

‘The 100 day goal is seriously good for my mental and physical health’ Alison

“Signing up to the 100 Day Goal has been a revelation! I’m nearly at the end of my second round and am astounded at the level of focus I have, and the fact that I am really feeling this. Really feeling it!I haven’t had this level of positivity, well, possibly ever. I can see how this can be. Each morning I’m awake at 6 and I study until 9, knowing that if I do nothing else all day it’s ok, and that is liberating!Thank you so much for your inspiration!!”
– Rachael

“The last few months have been ‘a challenge’. However l now feel like I’m coming out of an Ice Age and starting to breathe again, thanks to the 100 Day Goal. Catherine

I have always suffered with my cup being half empty, and if something goes wrong it’s not worth carrying on because it will go wrong in the end. etc etc . BUT with the 100 Day Goal I suddenly realised my mindset has changed.”
– Patricia

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