I just have to say how much I love the 100 Day Goal system. I was feeling pretty gloomy because I was diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid a few weeks ago and was already struggling a bit. Once I’d got over the shock of the diagnosis, and the meds kicked in, I decided I needed

- Isobel

The 100 Day Goal has made me so much more productive in all aspects of my life!. What used to seem at times overwhelming I now find myself getting on with. I’m less stressed and balancing my private life with a busy seven day a week business

- Melissa

I am so proud of myself. Day 33, and I am still with this. I have the habit of starting things, courses, and challenges, and then forgetting about it. But this 100 days goal, it just works. I have so much accomplished since I started! Really love it

- Marrije

Yay! My goal was setting up a relaxation class, I ran my first one last night which was fully booked and it’s now also fully booked for next week!

- Melanie

Today was my first month weigh in at the gym. 28lb lost. 8 inches gone off my waist, 6 inches off my hips, 2.5 inches off my bust and 4 inches off each leg. Totally delighted with the 100 Day Goal!

- Angi

I am so amazed by how much value you deliver day after day during the 100 Day Goal! I am so grateful for your help which is doing all the difference for me. I couldn’t have come this far with my book project without you.

- Olga

I can’t believe the progress we’ve made in the last 18 months through using the 100 day goal. Thank you

- Sally

I’m over the moon right now as I’ve sold 53 pieces, smashing this year’s target

- Elizabeth

I just wanted to say that I have loved your daily messages of encouragement and I’m really happy with what I have focused on, and achieved

- Sue

I’m just so pleased I set a goal and stuck to it!

- Daisy

I’m afraid I might need to complain, this 100 Day Goal has been too successful! I’ve had so many sales I’m exhausted!

- Marie

Well now I have officially smashed my 100 Day Goal to pieces -so much so I’ve had to stop counting! I’m super-pleased I persevered and I’m even in slight disbelief!

- Angie

Thanks for the 100 Day Goal, it’s a fantastic motivator

- Karen

I’ve done it! Reached my first 100 Day Goal. I’m soooooo happy. It was a fairly slow start and then a crazy finish

- Sammy

I’m on my third 100 Day Goal with you, and you’ve spurred me on to make the kind of progress I just wasn’t making before

- Simone

I need to share my news with you!! My 100 Day Goal this time round was to double my income through my Etsy shop. I achieved the doubling quite quickly so I changed my goal to maintaining the double income. I checked my Etsy stats this morning and not only have I doubled it, and

- Deb

I’m feeling rather pleased with myself at the moment, my goal was a sales target one and I’ve only got 12.6% left to do to reach it, and 45% of the time left to do it 🙂 I really did believe that the target I set was going to be a struggle to achieve anywhere near it!

- Lucy

I’m still here and checking off my micro-actions daily (or sometimes in bursts)! I’ve gone from concept (what am I offering?!) to first subscribing client and everything in-between in the first 50 days and there’s still 50 to go!Thank You! Thank You!

- Colleen

Sooo Happy! My goal for this month was to top £1000 in sales. As of now my sales for the month stands at £1425! Almost double September’s turnover. In just 7 short months, this business has grown month-on-month and now I must really look to the future and work out how I can grow it

- Anna

Business is really good, this year I have been much more marketing savvy and really confident with my quality of work. Looking forward to getting back into the 100 Day Goal, it has helped me learn such a lot about my business and how to grow.

- Caroline