My 100 day goal experience by Sarah Cammish

I set up my business two and a half years ago selling a mix of wedding accessories and handmade gifts and it was only last year that I stumbled upon the Business Bakery and the 100 day goal through a Facebook ad. I felt like I needed some direction in my business and this seemed

- Sarah Cammish

I have always suffered with my cup being half empty, and if something goes wrong it’s not worth carrying on because it will go wrong in the end. etc etc . BUT with the 100 Day Goal I suddenly realised my mindset has changed. One of the last things I do before I finish my

- Patricia

I’m more organised!

The 100 day goal made me become is more organised. My database of customer info is now up to date, and I make sure I follow up with people after a sale, and contact them regularly with new products and offers. I never used to do this before, as I was a bit all over

- Marella

My 100 Day Goal story by Sarah Morgan

Life was tidily comfortable. I was working as a personal stylist with a steady stream of clients, living in a lovely old house in Norfolk. My husband Luke had a secure job; there was nothing on the horizon to ruffle our feathers. With no warning, he and 20 colleagues were made redundant. Because of a

- Sarah Morgan

I went from having 3 written novels collecting dust because I was too scared to let anyone read them, to now publishing the 3rd as part of my 3rd round in the 100 Day Goal. Thankyou so much for this, it really has changed my life.

- Kaylene Pettit

I opened my new shop using thanks to the 100 Day Goal!

- Mel

I joined the 100 Day Goal and oh my word, how things are changing. My income had fizzled out (starving artist syndrome) I’d lost my self worth and I’ve carried guilt for many years for my poor income and my husband supporting me . I’ve been receiving your Boost videos and they’ve have a phenomenal

- Karen

In the past I would have sat down after my day job and put off doing anything on the course I’m writing because I “deserved” some time off. But thanks to the 100 Day Goal I now do some writing on my course every single day, including the weekends, and I’m getting there!

- Karen

My goal is to make a good regular income from my art. I have felt a complete shift in mindset! Before I would be making art, but without a real direction. Since starting the 100 Day Goal I have focussed on my goal everyday, and it is working!! Already have sales of £(confidential), which is

- Rhian

Thank you Julia for the 100 day goal opportunity and the inspiration you have brought into my life!!!The combination of everything I’m doing has pushed me to do things I would not normally do!Yesterday I achieved a dream I’d had for ages and had no clue I could actually achieve it! 🎨🎨That was Day 12!🎨🎨Imagine

- Mandi

Thank you for another AMAZING 100 days. I loved everyday, as usual. And my candle business is coming along so very nicely and I’m so excited about it. I am loving every minute.

- Bronwyn

Thank you again for the 100 Day Goal. This was my first one and it’s been really powerful for me. I didn’t reach my goal exactly but I learned an enormous amount and feel like I have turned a corner as a result. I hope to embody more of the ideas in my next 100

- Helen T

Signing up to the 100 Day Goal has been a revelation! I’m nearly at the end of my second round and am astounded at the level of focus I have, and the fact that I am really feeling this. Really feeling it!I haven’t had this level of positivity, well, possibly ever. I can see how

- Rachael

Today I didn’t feel like showing up for my 100 Day Goal. We had to put my beloved pet to sleep a couple of days ago and I’ve also been stressed about the health of a loved one. BUT, I forced myself to do two micro actions. One of them went horribly wrong. The other

- Vicki

I love the 100 Day Goal. I used it to set up my baking business. Thanks so much Julia Bickerstaff, it’s a fantastic tool

- Brigitte

So I’ve just done a 25 day review… and feeling pretty good. Even if I have no more sales this month, I’ve averaged $119 / week (my goal is $100 / week). I’m feeling accomplished!

- Nadine

My 100 Day Goal is coming along better than I anticipated. After faltering for a few days in the middle there I’m back on track & feeling awesome about my progress!!

- Karen

More than once I’ve thought of chucking my whole business because of family issues -I’m in the sandwich between a teenager with mental health issues and a mother with dementia – but the 100 Day Goal has helped me keep my business going by showing me the the power of doing something (small) each day.

- Ann

I am feeling really accomplished today. My 100 day goal is to declutter my life, finish what I have started and learn to say no. I have spent years taking on projects and joining committees and my life and house is crazy. So I have been slowly doing small actions each day to ensure I

- Melanie

I am an artist and printmaker and in my last goal I was trying to get my work into galleries or exhibitions. I didn’t get there by Day 100 but since then I’ve had two exhibitions show my work. I just wanted to say that even if at the end of your goal you have

- Jo