The Messy Middle

The first twenty days of the 100 Day Goal are exciting and adventurous. The last twenty days are easy because we’re on the home straight. But the middle sixty? The bunch of days we’re starting today? They can feel HARD! Hard because the excitement of starting something new has gone, hard because there are still

Three Steps to deciding your 100 Day Goal

“Deciding your goal” sounds easy, but it can actually be a bit tricky. In fact lots of people get to around Day Ten of the 100 Days and then figure out they didn’t pick the right goal. Aargh! It’s not too late to change goal at Day Ten but I think we’d all prefer to


This started as a little email about the 100 Day Goal and it grew and grew and has now got so big I turned it into a post on here. You might need a cup of tea and a biscuit to go with it! On 22 September 2014, I accidentally started doing the 100 Day