The Messy Middle

The first twenty days of the 100 Day Goal are exciting and adventurous. The last twenty days are easy because we’re on the home straight. But the middle sixty? The bunch of days we’re starting today? They can feel HARD!
Hard because the excitement of starting something new has gone, hard because there are still 80 more days to go, hard because we’ve done all our easy Microactions, but most of all, hard because our motivation has gone.

Where did our motivation go?

Well motivation didn’t “go” anywhere, it just doesn’t last. And that’s a fact. A biological, neurological and psychological fact! So don’t beat yourself up for not feeling motivated. You’re not weird, you’re normal! Motivation is a brain process which needs to be triggered daily to keep going.

By the magic of the 100 Day Goal you’ve actually been subconsciously triggering the motivation process, but around Day 20 that peters out (all weird but true).

So how do you start triggers again?

If you’ve got the Motivation Kit absolutely everything you need is in there. Start with a quick read of how Motivation works (this is such an eye opener) and then begin the Recipes. I’d kick off with the Mighty Motivators , especially if you’re feeling a bit flat – and then get building your Daily Motivation Routine.
The big thing you need to know is that the messy middle doesn’t have to be hard – fix your motivation and you’ll power through it!

(If you’ve not got the Motivation Kit you can get it here.)