Three Steps to deciding your 100 Day Goal

“Deciding your goal” sounds easy, but it can actually be a bit tricky.

In fact lots of people get to around Day Ten of the 100 Days and then figure out they didn’t pick the right goal. Aargh! It’s not too late to change goal at Day Ten but I think we’d all prefer to get it right from the start, yes?
If you’re thinking about your goal now, try doing it as a three stage process:

1. Pick your Theme.

This is the broad subject of your goal (eg get healthy, increase sales, launch business, write book). It’s super-tempting to pick multiple themes (“I’m going to write my book, start my business and lose 7 kgs in the next 100 days”) but that just doesn’t work, so let me be bossy here and suggest you narrow your enthusiasm down to one thing (I know it’s hard, but better to succeed at one than fail at three, right?!)

2. Decide how you will measure success.

If your theme is increasing sales in your business, then the measure is easy; it’s sales. But if your theme is “Get Healthy”, how are you going to measure success? How will you know when you have done it? So step 2 is to to decide how you’re going to “measure” your goal before you worry about how big that measure should be.

3. Work out how big to make your goal.

So the final step is the one we most associate with “Decide your Goal”: how big should your goal be? Should it be massive and inspiring and really hard? Or should it be smaller and easier but but less exciting? And what is achievable anyway? Play around with some numbers (or whatever measure you are using) and sit with it a bit. That’s the nice thing about starting early, you don’t need to be in a hurry to decide!

If you’re stuck on how big to make your goal, or need some help deciding what theme to pick, or how you should measure success, I’ve put together a class to help you. I use a clever methodology which is based around the type of person you are. And that’s what matters most here, your goal needs to suit you: your personality, the amount of time you have available: the other stuff going on in your life, how easy/hard you find it to stick to projects, etc. There are a whole lotta things to think about when working out the right goal for you!
The “How to Find the Ideal 100 Day Goal for you” class also comes in the Big Bundle, and the Fab Four Bundle (just in case you want some of the other gems).