Creating versus Processing, holidays, headspace and kids

My children went back to school yesterday. It’s lovely having them around but even though they are older now (16,15,13 and 7) I still don’t find it easy to work when they are all at home. I can manage ‘process’ stuff (answering email, updating presentations, doing the accounts) but I can’t do anything creative at all.

It’s a headspace thing. I just can’t get into the zone.

Yesterday I was chatting with prolific and awesome and super-creative author Rebecca Fernfield in the 100 Day Goal Facebook Group and she also finds it hard to be creative when her children are home. So with the the long summer school holidays coming up, her plan is to write like crazy on the remaining school days and then edit, edit, edit during the holidays.

I like the idea of planning around the holidays. Loading up the creative work in term time and leaving the ‘processing’ to when the kids are off school. It’s not always possible of course, but when it is, it’s much easier to change the work to suit one’s headspace than the other way round.