Not enough time is not all bad

This week’s been crazy busy, some unexpected things popped up which meant that everything else needed to get squeezed into a smaller time pot. Everything got done though, and while I’m kinda amazed that it did, in my heart I know it always does.

This from Leo Babauta, explains why:

“when a container is unlimited, you’ll just fill it with anything. When you have constraints, you’ll be more careful, and more appreciative of the limited space you have”

When we’re really REALLY busy, our brain gets focussed and super-selective about the things it sees and does. We literally do not notice things that would otherwise distract us. Our container is small. Our brain knows it can’t just fill it with anything. It closes the shutters on “other things”. Sure, there’s stuff which doesn’t get done, but that stuff wasn’t important anyway. Our clever ol’ brain knows the difference and gets everything that needs to get done, done.

It’s a little wacko, but we actually work better when we have less time.